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Watching the constant stream of news stories about innocent victims not getting justice, sometimes it seems like there are a million problems and not enough solutions.

PROTECT has built a solution we want you to see:

We believe the only way to really make our justice system change is to let citizens see how it is working right where they live. That's where they can make the most difference.

Our new Community Safety Tool lets citizens see and compare how their own, local prosecutors and judges are handling crimes of sexual violence.

To begin, we’re covering our first state–Minnesota. Take a look at the two graphics below, to see the kinds of problems we’re exposing. Without the Community Safety Tool, these failures are invisible. With it, citizens are armed with information they need to ask the right questions and demand answers.

This tool is not just for Minnesotans, though. It’s a starting point for us all! Please follow our new Community Safety Tool on Twitter (@thesafetytool) or Instagram (@communitysafetytool) and help us get a national conversation started about transparency and sunlight in the criminal justice system.
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