No Cost Help for PROTECT

There is an easy option to support PROTECT that is no cost to you!

Setup a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser – it’s quick and easy to setup, but a powerful tool to share your passion to protect children. Here’s how to make it happen:


1. Go to, or search for “birthday fundraisers” in your Facebook search, then start with the basics.

You can quickly search for “National Association to Protect Children” for the charity.

Most people set their goals between $100-$500, but the amount is totally up to you.

We recommend setting the end date for two days after your birthday.

2. Hit “Next” and you’ll be able to tell your story, Facebook prefills the information, which you can leave as-is, or personalize it with why PROTECT matters to you.

3. Hit “Next” and you’ll select a photo to go with your fundraiser. Facebook will automatically fill this in, but you can choose from a variety of our images by selecting “More Suggestions.”

4. Hit “Create.” Congratulations! Your Facebook Birthday Fundraiser is live!

To maximize donations, here are a few tips:

* Invite all your Facebook friends to your fundraiser by selecting the blue “Invite” button. According to Facebook, people who invite friends are 4 times more likely to reach their goal.

* Repost your fundraiser every 3-4 days. We recommend reposting 3 times to ensure your friends see it in their timelines, and to politely nudge those who wanted to donate but forgot …

* Post updates and let your friends know how your fundraiser is going by posting milestones along the way (ex: “We’ve hit 50% of the goal!). Sharing your motivation will encourage people to join your cause.

* Thank your supporters! Like and comment on people’s donation posts to thank them when they support your fundraiser.

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