When it comes to justice, the most important choice voters ever make is their local prosecutor.

Let's stop guessing.

Prosecutors are the most powerful people in our justice system. They decide whether to prosecute. They determine what to charge. Then, through their plea agreements, they shape sentencing well before a judge ever signs off. Many of these prosecutors are on their way to higher office. Unlike every other candidate, however, prosecutors run for office with an invisible record. The average citizen has no way of knowing their performance on the job.

Community Safety Tool 1.0

PROTECT’s Sunlight Project has developed a new interactive website for citizens who care about making sure their local justice system is taking sexual violence seriously. For our first state, we’ve chosen Minnesota. But wherever you live, we hope you take a look and see the difference sunlight and transparency can make.

How to Use the Tool

PROTECT’s Minnesota Community Safety Tool allows you to explore a decade of data from the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines Commission on felony convictions for sex crimes. Here’s how it works…

  1. Search at the top of any screen using the pull-down menus:

  2. Then navigate the icons below to explore the results:
    Desktop Results Bar
    Mobile Results Bar

  3. To see our Major Findings and statewide comparisons, be sure to check out the “More Info” page and then share with friends, neighbors, and family!


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