State Campaigns

The National Association to Protect Children works across all fifty states to address state ICAC funding shortages and to react to bills that prevent law enforcement from investigating technology facilitated crimes against children. We also fight for child advocacy center funding and protections for child victims.

PROTECT established our fifty state campaign “Alicia’s Law” in partnership with Alicia Kozakeiwicz, The FOP, and The National Sheriffs Association in 2008. This initiative establishes a dedicated fund and revenue source in each state treasury for the states ICAC Task Force. We have successfully passed this bill in 15 states and it has generated thousands of child rescues every year. You can learn learn more about this campaign here.

For a complete list of all our past state legislative victories click here.

For 2018 forward, PROTECT has passed legislation to allow courthouse facility dogs for witnesses in court, and is working to bring victim identification efforts to states through the use of advanced child rescue technologies. To learn about our efforts and partnerships and our child rescue campaign efforts click here.

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