Our Minnesota Community Safety Tool lets you explore how individual counties are doing when it comes to sexual violence crimes. But how do they compare overall? Here’s what we found.


How Often do Counties Prosecute?

Sexual violence happens in all communities, big or small. To compare apples to apples, you need to examine successful prosecution rates, or the number of convictions relative to population size. Here’s how Minnesota counties compare when it comes to prosecuting sexual violence.


What Kind of Sentences are Being Given for Sexual Assault?

Minnesota laws call for significant prison sentences for rape and child sexual abuse. But in most counties, offenders are given probation and short jail sentences instead. Here’s how Minnesota counties compare when it comes to plea bargains and sentences for Criminal Sexual Conduct felonies.


How Seriously is Minnesota Taking Child Sexual Exploitation?

Child sexual exploitation has turned children into sexual commodities, their innocence bought, sold, and traded online forever. We found that Minnesota appears to have the weakest response to trafficking in child abuse material (crime scene images, or “child pornography”) in the nation. Here’s how Minnesota counties compare.

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